Wander project Cincinnati Ohio…

P0000283A second wander blast of pictures forms Cincinnati Ohio. For the first two years, we were in Ohio; we lived in a rented townhouse and a rented apartment. We moved to Western Hills shortly after Jakki was born buying our first house there. When the boys were nearly with us, we decided to build a new house in Mt. Airy which is on the other side of the highway (US I70) highway, or north of Western Hills.

P0000397The images today are a few that are similar (the big snow) but also a family event (Jakki’s Birthday) and the spring/summer. We moved into the house in August 1998 when the boys were just little tiny things. Jakki was entering first grade (she ended up going to the Waldorf School for first grade). We settled into our new home over the course of that initial summer. We decided we were going to build a pool (which we started in April 1999) and that we were going to fence the backyard.

Things changed rapidly (I ended up working for the worst boss I have ever had, dishonest and well self-motivated. He got promoted some times, and I am still not sure why even the first time). That only summer on Willow Cove was a great chance for all of us; the boys had their room. Jakki had a room, and for the first time, we had a guest room (every house since that Willow Cover house has had a guest room). There are also different snow pictures with this blast that show the light up reindeer decoration we had gotten that year. That decoration actually made it to Indiana and was in the yard in Greenwood for a couple of years before it stopped working and went to visit Santa’s Workshop via the trans disposal system.


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