Wander project Greenwood Indiana and Gymnastics.

MVC00003There were some activities that we did over the years that bring back fond memories. One of them was the early days when the boys were young. Right after we moved to Greenwood, my wife found out about a gymnastics group (I think my sister told her about it) near our house. We ended up signing up for the group, and the boys got to play on gymnastics equipment to the point that they were worn out.

MVC00023I think, over the years there are many times we looked for activities that wore the boys out. They were little balls of energy when they were younger. By balls of energy, I don’t mean they were active, more like they were solar powered and never turned off. All-day every single day they were going. The good thing was they did love going to the gymnastics place and jumping on trampolines. Or playing on the other gymnastics equipment.

We had the boys there for a couple of years. We transitioned from Gymnastics to Tai-Kwon-Do later, which was another activity that exhausted the boys. I only went to the gymnastics place with the boys and Jakki maybe two times. So there aren’t many pictures taken of the various activities. The ones here are the only ones I have that aren’t dumped into other folders (1 to 2 pictures) or from a picture disk (less than 24 pictures and never of one activity). Lot’s of fun to watch all three kids bounce around like maniacs!


Family Historian

Wander project to the Bay Bridge, and Beyond!

P8200037Wander project to the bay bridge, and beyond! Sunday’s goal was to wander past the bay bridge. We have driven across the bridge many times. We have sat on the bay bridge for many hours waiting for the other vacationers to also get across the Bay Bridge. This time it was fun to wander under the bridge and look up. Traffic heading east was slow for a Sunday. Normally the traffic pattern would have been returning people (going west) slower and east faster.

The bridge connects the two parts of Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay cuts Maryland nearly in half. The one-half is called the Eastern Shore. To get to Delaware Shore and the Ocean City parts of Maryland (Maryland’s Ocean shore) you have to cross the Bay Bridge (or you have to drive far north, past Baltimore to use the land bridge). The day was perfect for a cruise. We invited my buddy Bill to join us for a run out to the bay bridge!

P8200048We were also looking for dolphins but no luck on that front as well. We’ve looked several times and haven’t seen them. I suspect when we stop looking is when they, the dolphins will show themselves to us! There are a couple of fun pictures in the bunch from the water looking up at the Bay Bridge. You don’t realize how massive that Bridge is until you wander under it. It is one huge bridge that stretches over a mile of open water. The Sunshine at our back we bravely wandered underneath. All photos taken by my wife, there was a huge amount of traffic on a Sunday afternoon on the Bay!


wanna be Dolphin Viewer!

Wander project Seattle Washington

image_00009There was a time when I worked in a product group as a program manager. I was in Seattle for 14 straight weeks and then was off on a world tour (Asia and then Europe). I forgot so many things about Seattle over the years. There were many trips and many pictures. The cool thing about the pictures I am sharing today is one of the best sunset pictures I ever took in Seattle. I don’t take many pictures that I consider great. But I believe in sharing even if they aren’t great. The sunset pictures I am sharing of Downtown Seattle Washington today are my favorite. Taken from the 4th or 5th floor of a building that has a restaurant on top that we went to for an event.

image_00003I love water anyway, so being able to see out over the water while eating was fantastic! Over my years of visiting Seattle, I had the opportunity to make many friends. Some of my favorite people on earth live in Seattle. It is funny how that happens. Over the years you wander to a place over and over. You meet people and become friends. In that friendship, you find not only similarity but differences. Differences and the ability to overcome them are often what makes for the best friendships!

The shore of downtown Seattle is a fun place to wander. Some of my favorite restaurants ever are there. Wild Ginger, The Metro Grill and Brooklyn Bar and Grill. Each one of the restaurants listed has a different style of food which makes it even more fun. Just outside of downtown Seattle on the Lake Union is Daniel’s Broiler and of course the fabulous chain “I love Sushi.” I wonder sometimes if the chain was named for their love of Sushi rather than ours. That is the best Sushi I had until moving to the US East Coast.



Wander project Greenwood, December 2000

DSCN0289Wandering today back to a time (the year 2000) and a place (Greenwood Indiana) and sharing pictures from an event. Everything about this post is in the past.  That still seems strange to me that we can take a wander back to the place (Greenwood) that was home for so many years. In my entire life, I lived longer (11 years) in Greenwood Indiana than I have any other place. I have lived in a city longer (25 years in Bloomington Indiana but I lived in 10 different apartments, houses, etc. while in Bloomington. None of those houses more than eight years). So for 11 years, our house in Eagle Trace was home. Now that I think about it, it was 12 years (1999 to 2011).

DSCN0299The event in question was my 40th birthday. My mother, who has a wicked sense of humor and my wife, who also has a wicked sense of humor, conspired to once again embarrass me on my birthday. The first such event was the delivery of 35 black balloons on my 35th birthday. The next was a singing gorilla sent to my office at the time to sing happy birthday to me. The last and perhaps most embarrassing of all of them was the penguins. It was supposed to be 40 penguins gathered around a lordy lordy look who is 40 sign. Painful to say the least. At least they did come up with a unique slogan this time!

I haven’t shared these pictures before for some reasons. One of them is to not encourage either my wife or my mother to re-enable the embarrass Scott moments on my birthday. You see the rule in our house is that I am not allowed to embarrass my wife on her birthday. Ever. Once, on her 35th birthday, I signed her up for a golden buckeye card (for those over 55 in Ohio). She felt that was not a nice thing for me to do. So I am banned from that activity. Ever.


Family Historian

Wander project mother’s day, mother’s and images!

DSCN1602Once there was a time when I could travel 10 feet or less to help my mother celebrate Mother’s Day. Then there was a time it was a 10-20 minute trip for me to travel to see my mother on Mother’s Day. I could hop in a car and see mom fairly quickly. Then there was a time when there were two of us that came to celebrate mother’s day but thankfully the second of the two of us moved on and it was back to me. Then I got lucky and met another person and suddenly it wasn’t me, it was two other people and me coming to celebrate mother’s day.

DSCN1627Shortly after adding the two new people to the celebration the distance to travel to see mom on mother’s day increased as well. We were suddenly 3 hours away and would be for the next eight years. We also added three new people to come and celebrate mother’s day with mom. We moved back to Indiana and were only 45 minutes away. The pictures shared today are of a mother’s day from that period when we could hop in the car and be in Bloomington in less than 45 minutes to celebrate and share with mom. Sometimes there were 5 of us there; sometimes we were 6. Six slowly slipped to always being five though.

Then we moved again. We didn’t add any new family members to bring on mother’s day, but we were now 10.5 hours away. We called on the telephone and emailed, mailing birthday and mother’s day cards to mom. We didn’t get in the car and travel there anymore. A 20 hour trip for a short party didn’t seem worth it, and employers don’t often give long holiday weekends for Mother’s Day. Plus our mother’s day switched from my wife’s mother (we celebrated with her from 1991 to 2005 when she passed) to just my mom and of course the mother of our children my wife. We haven’t added new people until recently (My daughter’s boy friend). We also haven’t added any more distance. But celebrating mother’s day remains important to me!


Family Historian

Wander project another visit to the Indy Zoo!

DSCN0786Another day at the Indianapolis Zoo. As I said earlier when I shared the first blast of pictures, we spent a lot of time at the zoo. Season passes are nice. Across the parking lot from the Zoo was the Arboretum, we often went there as well. One year they had the most amazing butterfly display (actual living Butterflies). Parking at the Zoo is straight forward when you are pushing small kids in a stroller you care a lot about the ease of parking. When you have small kids that are walking on their own, you care about parking as well.

DSCN0790Oh yeah, another point for the Indy Zoo, the gift shop is right by the entrance, but unlike many museums, you don’t have to walk through the gift shop to see the exhibits. The word no is frequently used as you walk into an exhibit via the gift shop. I am all for souvenirs, but at some point how many stuffed Polar Bears does one child need? (my answer to that is ONE). I do like wandering through the gift shop, but it is a lot easier when the kids are tired. They tend towards cranky a little more, which makes saying no a lot easier. When they are well rested and can turn on the please eyes, it really can be hard to say no.

We were on a special tour of the zoo, which allowed us back into the private on-public area. The reason for the special trip isn’t relevant. The result is we got to see the baby elephant. I believe it was born in November the year before; this was roughly marched or April. I enjoyed both the care, concern and professionalism of the caretakers for the mother and baby. They were engaging, and it was cool to see a baby elephant. There is nothing like a day at the zoo!


A day with family

Wander project Halloween 2004

IMG_5614It feels strange that a wander project can do two things, go back in time (2004) and go away from someplace where we are now (Maryland) to return to where the home was before (Greenwood). The Halcyon days of what was. Today we are wandering a presentation of a holiday. Halloween is an event for children throughout the United States and other countries. Called Halloween and then followed the next day by the All-Saints day holiday. Neither, by the way, is a US Government holiday, so no one gets off of work to participate and celebrate. But for many years the kids were engaged and involved.

IMG_56042004 was one of the first years that my mother didn’t make the boy’s Halloween costumes. She has an artistic ability that is amazing when it comes to taking fabric and turning it into something magical. For quite a few years she made costumes for all her grandchildren. A labor of love I am sure! This particular year though was the rise of the Power Ranger Generation. I am calling them that more tongue in cheek than anything but you get the idea. The boys had gone into the power ranger phase of childhood. They even dragged me to the movie when it came out earlier this year. All I can say is, it isn’t as bad as the Pokémon movie was.

Halloween is also a big holiday for my daughter and my wife. They both love dressing up (even now). I would stay at home back then with Fran and Gwen and pass out candy. Fran would come to the door to greet the many children that came (that weren’t afraid of dogs). Gwen would stand far away from the front door and glare at me, and the begging children that were taking food from her house. Fran was more of a people dog than Gwen ever was.


Family Historian, I am the only one in the house not wearing a costume. Someone has to pass out the treats!