Wander project Indianapolis Zoo

MVC00007We had (for many years) a season pass to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. I think if you asked most people know Indianapolis for the Colts, Pacers and the Indianapolis 500. I think more people should go to both the zoo and the children’s museum. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has long rated one of the best in the entire world. The zoo is also fantastic. While we had a season pass to the zoo for many years, I didn’t get to go as often. So there are fewer pictures of zoo trips.

MVC00025This is one trip I got to be a part of in 2001. Early on post our move back to Indiana. I got a lot of great pictures of animals and the kids learning. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo (which is world famous) many times when we lived in Cincinnati. But the Indianapolis Zoo is special for my wife and I. It was the first place both of us got to experience a zoo. As children, we both grew up in Bloomington Indiana, and while we didn’t know each other, our parents knew about the zoo and took both of us. The location we went to was closed in the early 1990’s, and the Zoo moved to its current location near the white river and downtown Indianapolis Indiana.

The images are taken with an old digital camera, so there are a few light and blurry issues. Overall my favorite pictures are the elephants. Ever since I lived in Thailand, I have loved elephants. I loved dogs and still do, but Thailand opened my eyes to the wonder of elephants. Plus when you see the images with the kids in them the smiles just make me happy. I love the fact that the smiles they had then as small children can still be seen in the larger adult versions that live with us today. What a fun day at the Indianapolis Zoo!


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Wander project Bloomington Indiana

DSCN0346Shortly after moving from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood Indiana (and of course settling into our new house) we started a project of building a pool. It was supposed to be fully operational by June, but those projects are never on time. That fall, our first back in Indiana (after nine years in Ohio) was an interesting one. One of the things we did was take a lot of day trips like we have continued to do wherever we’ve lived.

DSCN0344One of those day trips was to my father’s lab/classroom at Indiana University. Dad was the long head of the Science Education department at Indiana University. His lab/classroom in the new Wendell Wright Education building was something he was very proud of. The trip documented by these pictures occurred before he retired, so his lab was still in use the Saturday we wandered down to Bloomington for a tour.

As you can see in the pictures, the boys were quite young putting this trip around 2000 or 2001. I had just transitioned into traveling a lot (my first international trip for my company was to Holland in 2000). By then I was spending a lot of time during the week in Chicago, home every weekend, but gone during the week. This was a break for me, getting to see my folks and hanging out with the boys. It was a break for Barb as she didn’t have to be a solo parent. I think my traveling impacted her the most in the solo parent reality. Anyway, we wandered to dad’s lab in the school of education and had a fun afternoon. Of course, dad, being dad showed the boys his all time favorite movie the Lorax.


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Wander project Maduro Dam (Amsterdam)

P0000490One of the stops (and the pictures you see today) while on my first trip to Amsterdam was Maduro Dam. A Lego based recreation of Amsterdam. You can walk around the unbelievable setup and see how incredible the art of Lego can be. The thing I found the most incredible was the working fountains. The entire setup is pretty large overall. It covers probably 2 or 3 acres of ground. They had an indoor sand castle display when we were there the first time.

P0000510Visiting Maduro Dam was an eye opening day trip. The other part of the trip was wandering by the World Count building. I would like to say we realized what the building was as we wandered by the World Court. The large limos should have been a dead giveaway. The building for world court is right across the street from Maduro Dam. It is also just up the street from the metro station so you can quickly get off the train and get to either location. We ended up getting lost as we came out of the train station but a very nice young lady pointed us in the right direction. She didn’t even snicker at us; we were standing in front of a sign that was pointing towards Maduro Dam.

We ended up spending the day at the park. We had a nice lunch (well cafeteria) and then a leisurely train ride back into the city itself. I think we spent a solid 5 hours in the park. It whetted my appetite for an eventual trip to one of the Lego parks. We finally managed to pull off that trip 16 years later, going to LEGOLAND last summer (2016) in Denmark. I guess sometimes good things do come for those who wait.


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Wander project Amsterdam (Canal shots)

P0000447Sprinkled in the images of the sights are images of the people attending the class I was co-teaching and other friends who make their homes in Holland. One evening we did the cruise around the canals of Amsterdam. You don’t realize just how many canals and how much water there is in the city until you do that tour. I lived in Bangkok and have been to Copenhagen many times; those are the only two others cities I have been to with that much water. I love floating by the many places on the canals that are homes. I actually in a posting last summer about our trip to Amsterdam, became online friends with a couple that owns a B&B in one of the canals. Next time I go to Amsterdam I am staying at their place!

P0000458I used to, and still do take a lot of pictures when I travel. Back in the day I always told my wife that until she saw what I had seen, so lots of pictures were required. Also, my wife’s family is from Amsterdam, so there was a natural curiosity about the city and people. One of my favorite things on my first trip to Holland was riding around on the trains. I’ve been to cities where you really can use the trains to get around (Chicago and Atlanta are two) and cities where they were working to build a train system (Seattle), but overall Amsterdam was the easiest to move around via train.

P0000461Amsterdam is such an amazing city with wonderful places to eat. I love going to the many different styles of food in the city. There are districts in Paris that has food prepared the way people eat it in their homeland. My all time favorite restaurant in Amsterdam is the Grasshopper. I have been every single time I have been to Amsterdam. In part because I went the very first time I was in the city and part because I love the food. I really enjoy Amsterdam!


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Wander project Holland (Amsterdam) circa 2000

P0000414In 1972 my family moved to Thailand. During our move, we wandered Europe going from Ireland to Paris and then to Southeast Asia. We didn’t go to Holland at that time, and if you asked me, then I would have argued that I hadn’t missed anything. I was wrong! One of my first international trips in my previous job was Holland to teach a class. The initial pictures shared today are the pre-class day we spent at old town, a recreated old Dutch village. I enjoyed the wildlife, canals, and windmills of the recreation. The other thing I noted while wandering the things to see was the nature of the green around me. Everything was a bright green!

P0000425We also had a couple of other fun trips we had taken before the class started. We wandered over to Maduro Dam (the lego recreation of Amsterdam. We also, with the entire class spent an evening on the Canal tours. I love taking the canal tours. I’ve been on them three times, as well as touring the Anne Frank house three times. The best thing about Amsterdam is the easy access to virtually any part of the city via the metro. It is one of the easiest, cleanest metros I’ve ever had the opportunity to use.

P0000422There are cities over the years that I have gone too many times. Some of them (Amsterdam, Sydney, Dublin, Copenhagen, Bangkok, London, Kuala Lumpur) are ones that I always want to see again! The thing about Amsterdam is that every time you go, you learn something new. It is a city that you feel safe wandering. People are friendly and willing to stop, figure out where you are going and help you get there.


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Wander project just kind of all over…

IMAG0002Today is a fun collection of pictures. All of them taken with a cellular phone. My apologies as some of them are blurry. I tried for a time, about two months, to not use a digital camera. I sold all my digital cameras and only had my PocketPC phone camera. That experiment didn’t work out well. So these pictures are part of that experiment. The initial pictures in this series are wandering to the hospital with my daughter; She had a broken toe. Not by the way the last time she broke a toe, this was the first time the toe was broken!

IMAG0013Next, we wander to Italy and a few cellular phone pictures captured. I had switched back to a digital camera by the time I went to Italy but took a few with the cellular phone as well. From Italy, we wander back to dinner at our house in Greenwood. So now we have gone Hospital in Greenwood, Italy back to Greenwood. Lots of ground covered in the first few pictures. The trip to Italy was for work although a fun trip as well. More work than fun, but still it was nice to see the city of Milan.

IMAG0022Finally the last pictures celebrate my Nephew’s (my Sister’s son) achievement of Eagle Scout. Plus some images of flowers. I take a lot of pictures of people taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of historical markers. Pictures of flowers I take to show to my wife. She loves flowers. Now we come to the cool pictures I had forgotten I had. The images of Elvis the St. Bernard. Elvis was an amazing dog owned by my good friends in Seattle. The biking pictures are of the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis Indiana. So there we go. Greenwood (hospital) to Italy and then back to Greenwood (a stop in Bloomington) and then Seattle and Indianapolis proper. Long trip to share in pictures but a lot of fun memories!


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Wander project Cincinnati Ohio

P0000602We had a number of work parties over the years at Kings Island. One of the times we actually went to the picnic area and had burgers, rode rides and hung out for most of the afternoon. Funny how the age of the children around you determines what activities you do in an amusement park.

P0000609For us, then, the boys were young. Twins are hard and easy to manage. They are easy in that they often entertain each other. They are hard in that there are always two of them. Barb and Jakki wandered off to the park to enjoy rides and I walked around the kid’s area with the twins stroller.

P0000596I wonder how many hours, between Kings Island, Disneyworld, Universal Studios did I spent pushing a stroller around an amusement park. Probably many more hours than I care to think about. One of the best parts of the kid’s area at Kings Island (at least 15 years ago this was true) was that they had misters. Misters spray a small amount of water into the air and cools you off. I think I walked through the misters quite a few times that hot afternoon at Kings Island.


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