Wander project Connor Prairie Indiana…

DSCN0114North of Indianapolis Indiana is a wonderful pioneer Indiana living history museum called Connors Prairie. It represents how Hoosiers (someone from Indiana is called a Hoosier) lived in the 1800’s. Indiana became a state in 1819 and before becoming a state was the Capital of the Northwest Territories. The Northwest Territories joined the United States with the purchase of land from France in 1803 known as the Louisiana Purchase.

DSCN0117We went to Connor Prairie quite a few times over the years. The location is tucked away from the road, so you don’t hear modern world noise as you wander. The village/town has actors who play the various characters in a traditional Indiana village of the time. They speak as though they live in the town. I always enjoyed interacting with the characters. It takes great skill not to break into laughter I suspect as crazy people talk to you!

The other thing they have is an adventure area. That is the place where you can go and recreate or learn how people did things many years ago. Want to read a book at night? You better have candles, so you better make them first. Dipping candles was always an interesting activity. Mine, the ones I dipped always looked lopsided, and I am not sure how well hey would burn as far as lighting the night to read a book. Plus the candle flickers so I think reading would have been hard.

Just another wander day captured for the Wander Project.


Oh the places you end up when you wander…

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