Wander project Malaysia truly Asia!

IMG_0265All the pictures today come from the October 2004 trip i took to Malaysia. I got a call from the original team lead (another person took over between my first and second visit). He asked me at that time if I was comfortable coming to Malaysia and working on the project. I said of course – I love Southeast Asia. After he called, the regional folks called me. They were worried about the smaller teams ability to deliver a project of the size of the migration.

IMG_0279Frankly, I was more worried about the regional team. Small teams can do very well in working on larger projects. Regional teams sometimes forget why they are regional. I spent the first couple of days in the regional HQ before heading over to KL. The regional HQ was in Singapore. KL or Kuala Lumpor is in Malaysia. They are separated only by an artificial line. Singapore is the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula.

On the other side of Malaysia is Thailand.

It makes for interesting culture and history. Thailand and Malaysia have had a dispute about the stretch of land between the two countries for many hundred years. The strip of land is currently part of Thailand, and has been for awhile, but Malaysia still claims that it is part of Malaysia. So there is that open dispute. Malaysia is a Muslim country and Thailand a Buddhist Country, so it is interesting to see how each side handles both the religion of their own country but also that of the other.


long time wanderer

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