Wander project 3rd trip to KL Jan 2005

IMG_0512The last trip and of course the least pictures of all was January 2005. The trip was way over planned regarding the time required and the time available. As in, my time was planned for the newly implemented 28 hour days. I was familiar with the account, city and frankly, time was the only thing I wasn’t going to have. We were rushing to get the project done and delivered to the customer with both our partner and us working on two different work streams.

IMG_0518We were finishing up the initial part of the project, and we were also running a proof of concept. Overall this is the very best part of a project like this. The issue was the days were long, and there wasn’t any time to stop, and see things in KL. That is why the number of pictures goes way down (120 + from the first trip. Less than 25 for the second trip and less than 20 for the third trip).

KL remains one of my all-time favorite cities. Somewhere in the buried mass of slides my father left me, scanned and stored are his pictures from his trip to KL. Dad was in KL in the 70’s or 80’s I think. I am not completely sure of the dates he was there. I remember the pictures he took were of a city covered in mist. When I was there, it was a city covered in the dust of construction. My friends and I have many in the fair city of KL, tell me that the construction boom has lessened and the city is back to just being hot and muggy!


Missing my pals in Malaysia!

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