Wander project Oak Island, NC again!!!

IMG_1043The house had a deck/porch that extended nearly all the way to the beach. There is something about the sound of waves on the beach. I am a huge fan of water anyway, but beyond simply being around water, there is just something about that sound that is magical. It takes away the stress of the world and lets you just be for a time. The primordial sea that lies within us calmed by the sound of the mothership we call the Ocean.

IMG_1062Breakfast that morning was amazing. Bacon and Sausage with eggs. The sun was rising over the Atlantic Ocean, and we were at the beach. When my sisters and I were younger, and we lived in Thailand we spent many weekends on the Beach. Mom and dad would rent a cottage in Pattaya, a resort city on the Gulf of Siam, near Bangkok. We would go an frolic in the Ocean. Some of my happiest memories of Thailand are from those weekends at the beach.

Dad, as was his tradition was engrossed in a book. He loved to read and this weekend was no exception. He had several books with him so that he wouldn’t run out of things to read. We began the day with a short wander around the small town of Oak Island. It isn’t a large city, disconnected from North Carolina because after all, it is an island. It is also not the Oak Island of the Discovery Channel TV show about searching for the treasure of Oak Island. That Oak Island, with the purported treasure, is in Canada.


Not hunting for treasure on Oak Island although I did find some :0(

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