Wander project Cincinnati Ohio

IMG_1005When we lived in Cincinnati Ohio many years ago now, the Children’s Museum was actually in a building that was a converted Warehouse near the Ohio River. The Ohio was a bustling river for transporting goods around the middle of the East Coast of the US. Cincinnati Ohio was long a large port for shipping on the Ohio and via the highways that intersected at Cincinnati. The warehouse was converted into offices and the original children’s museum. My wife and I at various times took the kids to that museum.

IMG_1018With the new complex in the old Central Station building, they also moved the Children’s museum. Living in Greenwood at that time, we were already spoiled by the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis Indiana. It (the Indianapolis Children’s Museum) is one of the best in the world.). My father was a huge advocate of the inquiry method of education. In particular, he focused on science education and what better place to let children learn than a children’s museum!

That way, whatever water gets spilled isn’t on the floor of your house!

Other than the Children’s Museum there was also the Natural History Museum and a wonderful exhibit/display of the train past of Cincinnati. One of the things I learned was that the grottoes used in one of the original Batman movies by Hollywood was located in Cincinnati Ohio. I never knew that until wandering to the museum. You see what you can learn when you wander? You can learn if a Batman movie was shot in a city you used to live in!


seeking Batman caves everywhere

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