Wander project Chicago…

snap0038Navy Pier at night. I love Chicago, I’ve shared over the months hundreds of Chicago pictures. Navy Pier is one of my favorite places to go while in downtown Chicago. Wrigley Field is my all time favorite stop, but when we took the kids to Chicago, Navy Pier was a favorite stop. One year we had a regional dinner celebrating the year that was, and we took the lake cruise. The lake cruises take you out into the water of Lake Michigan and serve food.

Link to more pictures.

These images are from an Architect Board we had in Chicago. We wandered from Downers Grove where we were holding the board to downtown Chicago one evening for dinner. In particular, we wandered down to Navy Pier. There are a couple of pictures of the crew. Some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. (Another mind you than the creator of the Butterfly search, him I have questions about ). It was a lot of fun to hang out with that crew.

One of the images that evening was the Navy Pier Ferris wheel at night. Light up, based on the snow it was cold outside, and I remember that board was pre-Christmas in December. A couple of us went running early in the morning (my knees still let me run then). We tried to go down a grassy incline that morning and ended up sliding down on well the part of the body that makes it over the fence last. It is not fun to run with a cold rear end. Great times are hanging out with that board!


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