Wander project Thanksgiving 2004

The days of the kid’s table. We don’t have a kids table, but we never actually did. My mom always let people sit where they wanted. But you follow the rules of the house you are in. Over the years we traveled a few times for Thanksgiving. From 2004 down to Tallahassee to share Thanksgiving with my wife’s family. It seems now so long ago. Traveling at holiday times isn’t the easiest and isn’t something I enjoy. The wear and tear, the stress of traveling are bad enough.

Still, it is fun to see and hang out with family. We’ve always tried to open our home to friends over the years. People that couldn’t see their families and instead came to hang out with us. There were many years when we had Thanksgiving two, three and even four times. Going to my parent’s house, and then having another Thanksgiving at our house.  It is always fun to see and celebrate with other folks!

Now we have wonderful conversations, and a group of adults gathered around the table. We found last year that the Dutch Market near us sells fresh turkeys. The actual Turkey is one day old by the time you get to take it home. That makes all the difference in the world. They soak the turkey in brine for you, so when you cook it, you have an amazing feast. It is a wonderful family experience, to share Thanksgiving!

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