Wander project cleaning up the 2006 Thanksgiving folder.

Lean into it, when life gives you lemons make Lemonchello! When I was a little, one of my favorite activity was going through my grandfather’s coin collection with him and sorting coins. Free labor, sorting all the coins he had in the collection, but fun no-the-less. Rather than sorting Thanksgiving 2006 into Halloween 2006, daughter’s 2006 (14th birthday) folders and Thanksgiving and then Christmas I am leaning into the reality of my sorting problems.

If only I had the sorting hat from, Harry Potter.

Halloween 2006 was one where the boys were old enough to enjoy Halloween, and my daughter was still young enough o enjoy the holiday as well. That was back in the days when each Halloween or around that time was punctuated by me getting a new smartphone. It was also punctuated by my wife, and I figure out who would take the kids around the neighborhood and who would pass out candy at home.

The candy passing out ended up being me because Fran and Gwen wouldn’t charge at the door when I opened it, they sometimes did when my wife opened it. The advantage of being the one human both dogs saw as an Alpha.

I did take the boys a couple of times over the years, but for the most part, I passed out candy.

(Little known fact, Zorro loved Karate poses. Well the two that were in our house did!)

Now I have to go and clean out my Thanksgiving 2006 folder and break it into the actual holiday’s it was rather than the holiday it is labeled. Sometimes managing digital pictures is easy. Sometimes it is mislabeled as fun.


Family Historian

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