Wander project the last few pictures on my cell phone…

In honor of the 365-day photo challenge today I am doing the last 20 pictures I took with my camera (cellphone only). The photos encompass two different restaurants and a few of items I had put on eBay. The eBay items are not normally pictures I backup, but the rest are pictures I back up. The restaurant was for my daughters birthday. It is a tradition in our family that on your birthday every year you get to pick where we go to eat.

Years ago we started going to Japanese steakhouses. We’ve been to them in some places. Our favorite in Greenwood was Kubota. That place was great, a fun show and a great meal. It was also the place that we learned one of our sons was a cheesecake fan. Kubota always gave out birthday cheesecake and sang happy birthday to you in Japanese. On my birthday one year, they were singing, my son was eating the cheesecake!

Anyway, this is one of our favorites in Gaithersburg. It is called Ziki. We love it for two reasons. One, it was a place we first went to when we moved to Maryland. It is located in a placed called The Rio. We were staying on the southern end of the Rio in a Residence Inn for the for the first few days we were in Maryland. So we wandered to Ziki and had dinner. We went to most of the restaurants at the Rio over the course of our three weeks there. Ziki is the one we always go back to enjoy again!


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