Wander Project various things within a wander…

I suspect, in learning later the impact my Grandfather Andersen had on me, was a painful realization. It occurred after the death of my father and the sudden need to scan thousands of pictures. It was in those pictures that I found the image of my grandfathers and me.

My grandfather Johnston always had a huge impact on me. I would say if you asked in the 1980’s that he was my best friend. Someone I went to and relied on.  He was another inflection point in my life.

Moving to Thailand is one of the few instead of just like everyone else around me had an impact. It made me realize that you cannot treat someone differently because they are not exactly like you. I learned that the world produces many things, but smiles and laughter are universal. Laughter doesn’t have borders. That was another inflection point in my life, development and personal growth.

Life is a babbling brook, full of nothing and everything. If you pause for a moment, you can hear the sounds within the babbling, the message within the bottle. That sound is what distracts us and keeps us from what is ultimately the most important thing. We can remember. We can recall. But cherish is the dream. In finding the memories and cherishing them, we open our hearts to the world and let everything in.


Family Historian

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