Wander project Amsterdam!

When we got married, let’s just say a couple of years ago, one of the things my wife wanted was to travel. She had been to a few places in the US, but she wanted to see the world. There were two places, in particular, she wanted to go to being Paris and Amsterdam. In the early part of 2003 or so, she joined in on a trip to Paris. I was working on an internal company project, and the meeting was going to be in Paris.

https://virily.com/travel/wander-project-amsterdam-2/ (link to original post)https://docandersen.wordpress.com/2017/12/25/technology-review-updates-for-2018/

She, my wife, came with me and spent three days wandering the city of lights on her own. Thanks to my parents watching the kids, we were able to stay the weekend and do some sightseeing together as well. But my wife’s big dream, her big goal in life was to go to the place her family was from, Holland. I won’t share the details of her family, but they were from the land of Tulips. My wife wanted to visit the city of Amsterdam.

From that trip, last summer comes a whole of Dutch pictures. I have shared many of them before in various posts about the trip. But this one is for my wife. It is funny, on the trip we stopped in Copenhagen, several cities in Norway and Rostock Germany as well as flying to Amsterdam. The kids, like me, loved Copenhagen the most. But my lovely wife loved the city of her roots. We spent three days in the magical city, and it was an amazing trip!


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