Wander project Amsterdam!

I am, for the Holiday season cutting down on the number of family history project posts. I added a post a day for the 365 photo challenge and need to cut down the time spent a little. January is the busy time in my chosen profession (IT Consulting), and I need to shake a few minutes out of my morning routine. The second day in Amsterdam is the focus today. My daughter and wife were planning the events. Both of them were set on the Van Gogh museum, so we got tickets and headed into Amsterdam early in the AM. My daughter was leading the way as the official map and direction person. My wife was interjecting the occasion are you sure we are going the right way.

That, made me laugh, the two of them grasping the wheel and trying to take charge! “We are going this way.” My daughter would say, and my wife would say “shouldn’t we go that way?” I would from time to time remind her that our daughter was the map keeper, but for the most part, I just watched and laughed. The period we were in downtown Amsterdam was also a soccer tournament, so there were much more police and barricades.

We took the subway early in the morning, then rode on the TRAM. That was our one trip on the Tram. My ribs, injured in Germany, were extremely tender at that point. The shaking of the Tram nearly caused enough pain for me actually to throw up. I, of course, was stupid and didn’t tell anyone else in the family just how much pain I was in. I didn’t want to ruin their European vacation. We had talked about that vacation for more than ten years by the time we finally went. Three cracked ribs were not going to stop me. This last note is for my future sons. Yes, boys, I should have slowed down and taken care of my injury, you were right.


Family Historian

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