Wander project here now, and then again.

The pictures are of course all the tradition. The first few pictures are of the process of the kids gathering on the stairs. We began the tradition when they were young. There was a time when the kid’s bedrooms were upstairs, and the master bedroom was on the main level of the house. The stairs became the Christmas Morning and Eastern Morning Holding area. They would wait at the top of the stairs until I got up and made coffee, pouring two mugs one for me and one for my wife.

Then with camera in hand, they came down the stairs. We recreated that picture for our family celebration. I took pictures of the process to show how long it takes together adults versus when they were kids. At age 4 or 5 they were at the stairs anxiously waiting to come down. As adults, they wandered into where the picture was to be, not as fast, not as excited now as they had been then. Funny how the things that change and the things you try to keep the same are often in opposition.

The evolution of this moment is one I will show later, with pictures from many years ago against the now. Getting four adults and four dogs on the stairs was an interesting experiment in patience. I could, can, however still see the little kids there on the stairs. Funny how your eyes see what they want to see, not always what is there. The photo showing adults, but my memories are of little kids. The joyous, happy moments right before the search destroy mission that was Christmas morning or Easter Morning.


family historian

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