Wander project Hawaii (wander to warm!)

I am sticking with my during cold weather posting warm pictures as often as I can. It isn’t helping as it is still cold. I wonder what would help other than adding a woodstove to every room of the house. Just like the pioneers did 200 years ago. Basically, in that scenario, you have the furnace heating the house to just less than 68 degrees to keep things constant. Then the woodstoves are burning to bring the actual air temperature up to a nice roasty 88 degrees.

88 degrees is a number I picked out of thin air and is intended as a joke.

Winter is a season that passes just like spring, summer, and fall.

Hawaii is a wonderful sojourn for a time. A respite of warm in the cold. Plus there were so many wonderful things to see on our trip. My favorite part was the horseback ride we took the second day, but there were so many other wonderful memories. We did get to see Cool and the Gang in person, yes a few years after they were chart-toppers, but they were there in person less than 5 feet from where we were standing. That was a cool experience!


family historian

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