Wander project Boyd’s Maryland

There is a wonderful park near our house where we go often. The first part of the park is one I have shared several times, a wonderful dog park. The other part of the park is a wond3erful walk around ½ the lake. The trail does not go around the whole lake. If you look at a map, the trail goes around the lake. If you wander in reality (and sadly we tried), it sadly does not go anywhere near around the lake. The trail makes it about ¾ the way around the lake.

Then you end up in a subdivision. That becomes another subdivision, and well you get the idea. We ended up being just off the road that is just off the road we live on, even though we drove 8 miles away to the dog park as a starting point. It was a fun family outing, that should have worked. This was based on my reading the topo map of that area. The lake is ½ commercial and ½ public park. I guess you have to learn to read the maps put out by every state you live in.

Sadly I did not understand that in Maryland public property that proposed and actual walking trails are the same. In the case of a subdivision or private property, the community walk areas are all proposed, and some of them are never finished. We never made the full loop around the lake. My daughter had to come and get us, and drive us back to our car. It was a life lesson I suspect for me, less reliance on technology and more paying attention to the rules of mapping!


I can read a map. I just can’t tell when things are real.

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