Wander project from the Dock, to the Bay!

There is something about the wake of a boat stretching behind you that is exciting and relaxing at the same time. Exciting in that you are moving forward, heading to your destination. Relaxing in that there is a peacefulness in the water (at least for me) that stretches in front and behind you.  The native bird to the area where we keep our boat is the Osprey. It is a protected animal, and often they nest on the market buoys.

There is a great picture of one as we wandered out of the slip heading towards the bay. Standing on one of the posts that only a bird could stand on. Humans, dogs and other creatures would have a hard time getting to the post, let alone climbing it and perching on top of it. In part because it is a post stuck in the water. In part because there is no easy egress to the top. Unless you are an Osprey and in flying to the pole can perch on top.

You can, if you pull the moss algae that grows on the dock area, also see baby crabs. Hiding in the algae because frankly, they are dinner for just about everyone at the small size. Not humans, you would have to eat them by the handful, they are tiny. But they as well are there. So are some fish that eat crabs and other things in the river. It isn’t a clean river, filled with the silt of spring and summer flowing down to the Bay. The silt that feeds the bay with organic materials to keep the cycle of life moving ever onward.


Family Historian

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