Wander project down a Fjord!

I suspect the wander to the warm project has hit a snag. It was not warm going into the Fjord in Norway. It was majestic and amazing, but not warm. Warmer by a little bit than it is in Maryland right now. But it was a Fjord in Norway, so we were outside watching the entire way in and back out. One of those once in a lifetime experience you have to record with images, memories and of course video. We stood on the main deck of the ship and watched in awe.

There are some things that I am happy I captured. Most of them were with my DSLR so they can’t be shared here (20 meg + file size). I did, of course, have our TG-5 camera (Olympus), so we do have a large number of pictures (about 200) but nowhere near the many more pictures were taken by the Canon DSLR. Those images are ones I share with other locations that support the larger file size that camera produces.

As we came into the Fjord, I was struck not just by the physical beauty, but by the quiet. Wandering out to the Chesapeake Bay is loud. There are boats, horns, and people making noise. Going into the Fjord, it was quiet. Not the eerie quiet you get from time to time, right before a storm. Rather the majestic quiet that happens in moments where people are awestruck. There wasn’t a whole lot of the buzz of people talking. Just people are watching the giant walls of rock right beside us!


Fjord Wanderer

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