Wander project Maryland!

River water isn’t clean, often if ever. One of the reasons for heading to Chestertown was thinking about the future when it would be time to retire. But honestly, that river near the city is a little too muddy. The Bay is bad; the Charles River is worse. We did enjoy walking along the shore, however. They have some fun sculptures on the waterfront. Plus there is an excursion sailboat that looked like a lot of fun.

By car, this was a two-hour trip. By boat closer to a four-hour trip. You don’t get to go as fast via boat as you do by car. Plus, once you get into the river area, you have to slow down. We did get to try a highly rated restaurant, the Lemon Grass Café. That was a lot of fun. I did a Yelp review of the experience. My doing Yelp reviews isn’t new, I’ve done a lot of them in the past four years. 130 or so to be somewhat exact.

It isn’t a bad drive, but in the end, I suspect we will not end up in Chestertown when we retire. It is still a few years out (figure 12 or so). 12 years isn’t long, so you have to at least start the planning process. Warm and water are the two primary goals. Someplace we can enjoy warmer weather and boat more often. Although in fairness it won’t be Florida. Perhaps South Carolina or North Carolina for the final restful years!


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Wander project Chestertown MD

We had engine trouble and therefore couldn’t take the boat out for a week or so in July. Based on that we decided to take a day trip to Chestertown Maryland. Chestertown is on the other side of Maryland (the Bay nearly splits the state in half).  Chestertown is on the Charles River, which feeds into the Bay a little north of where we are by 40 miles or so. The town is quaint little American town, like any other, you would wander to anywhere in the US.

Raven isn’t happy about the crap on the floor of my office.

The first issue was crossing the Bay. There are two ways across the Bay; the fast way is going via boat. Normally we go across the bay via boat. Takes about 40 minutes, with 10 of that being getting out of the Annapolis area. The other way is to drive over the Bay Bridge. We’ve been over that bridge several times, honestly and frankly one of the reasons why we have our boat in Annapolis is so that we don’t have to cross the Bay Bridge.

There are lots of pictures of traffic on the bridge as part of this wander project. All of the cars on the bridge were there on a Saturday in the middle of the morning. We left our house around 10 am give or take. We got to the bridge around 11 am in the morning on a Saturday. As you can see, it was already packed with traffic heading across to the other side of Maryland. We got to enjoy the traffic we usually waved to as we wandered under the bridge. Going over takes a lot more time.



Wander project Labs’ Lair Too

Our boat’s name is Lab’s Lair Too, and these pictures are of the Lab’s laying claim to their Lair.  Mostly they like to find a spot and relax in that spot for the boat trip. But they do also like to supervise the humans whenever possible. The humans our Labs live with, per the Labs, are not very smart. So the Lab’s spend a lot of time watching them and making sure that the jobs being done are done correctly. Not correctly actually, to Lab specification!

Until this current cold snap ends, I am posting images of warm. Summer days spent off on the Bay. There is magic in being out on the water. I find myself relaxed. In part, I know because my grandfather used to tell me that when I was little, the only way they could get me to sleep, was tooling around the lake in the speedboat. Otherwise, I was wired and awake, which isn’t good when you are not wired and tired as an adult! As a child apparently I was a handful.

Luckily for me, I was the first grandchild and only grandchild for a couple of years!

Tooling around on the water relaxes me. I don’t fall asleep anymore, but just going out makes me feel better. Relaxed in the best sense of relaxation. The kind that you don’t have to spend hours chasing for seconds of relaxation. It starts the minute I get on the boat and doesn’t end until after I get off the boat. The kind of relaxation that sets the week on a good course. Imagine how much of that I could sell if only I could bottle that feeling!


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Wandering flowers of Annapolis..

Today I am wandering where we had our boat last year, in particular, the flowers that greeted us each time we wandered to our slip. The folks at Annapolis Landing always had fun flowers to see and photograph. I love taking pictures of flowers. I suspect that comes from my father, who took pictures of flowers all over the world. In the best sense of fairness, so have I. I have pictures of flowers that my father took, and that I took.

Part of the fun every week was to see when they changed the flowers. They did so three times. There was a wonderful mix of perennials and annuals, with the yearly versions of some flowers swapped out roughly once a month or so. The colors aren’t truly captured by the digital camera, even though they are fairly high-quality images. The color of green, blue and then the flowers aren’t easily captured by the overall pictures.

The most interesting thing for me about taking pictures of flowers is the one moment when you catch a bee in or around a flower.

One of the things we used to do when we lived in Indiana (and had a lot more yard) was rotated our flowers more. We don’t rotate them as much now, as we don’t have a lot of yards. There are flowers along the front edge of the house, but beyond that, we don’t have a lot of flowers in our current house. I would say we would add them, but as the opening statement said, we don’t really have a lot of yards to do so.


wander to warm project.

Wander project Annapolis MD

Today’s wander project is two-fold, more images of Annapolis Maryland and the water around it. More importantly, today is the day set aside to remember a human being that saw the best in each of us. Today is the day set aside for the drum major, the orator, and the dreamer. Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in the 1960’s, but I hear his voice still and try ever to achieve his ideals. I wish to this day I could report great progress on Dr. King’s dream. We are still struggling with the reality of where we are. Would around the axel of progress we spin but go nowhere with purpose yet.

(there is a five day delay on this blog as I repost these from another blog).

The images today are of transition, I figured since it was a day to honor the man who sought to transition America, and the world, it seemed only fitting to share images from last year of transition. There are pictures of our boat that we had just gotten last year and some of our old boat. The original boat was called Labs Lair. The second boat was called Labs Lair Too. A double entendre intentionally created. I don’t think we will name our next boat Labs Lair 3. But who knows!

Transitions are difficult, more so more a nation or a world than a boater. I am not likening changing boats to the changes needed for the world to move forward. I understand the differences between the two. It is more that we are still struggling that worries me. No world leader should be accused of racism, sexism or any other ism that allows the leader to push down the dreams of their people. We need to make the world a better place.

On this, Dr. King day remember the good in everyone.


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wander project Annapolis MD

Boater safety is important and so easy to do. First and probably the only one that matters have a way to communicate. In the US that is the presence of a VHF radio. That radio is the same used by large ships and small ships. It lets you talk about what you see, and talk to the other boats you see. The next is a life preserver. One of the things my wife and I talked about a lot is do we require people to wear life vests when they are on the boat.

50% or more of drowning deaths are directly related to the fact that people didn’t wear their life vests. Our rule is you get on our boat you wear your life vest! The last rule of the three easy rules is to tell someone where you are going. Someone should know when you leave and know when you are expecting to arrive. The airplane world calls it a flight plan. In the boating world, we call it a float plan. Our goal was to make it from the winterization location to our marina.

We were by the way 40 minutes late. My poor wife drove twice as far as we boated and beat us there by an hour. We made it, and with the advent of shore towers, we were able to talk via cell phone the entire time. It was not the maiden voyage in our boat, but it was just our second trip (this was the first time we were on our newer boat). You learn to communicate, sometimes that is the difference between a great trip and a sad trip!


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Wander project Annapolis MD

Back to more boating, this one of the first boat trip of last year. We went from where the boat spends the winter (it isn’t warmer than where the rest of us spend the winter, just that boats need to be out of the water or they can be damaged)). Each year we have our boat taken out of the water and reset. They change the oil, empty the water and other systems on the boat. I guess people that live in places that don’t freeze don’t have to do this.

(You take a picture of me, I take a picture of you taking the picture)!

The first trip of the boat was a blast. Any trip on the boat is a blast. The first trip of the year is to move from winterization to its March – November home of the Marina. You get a chance to run the boat wide open for the first time of the year. Plus, you get to see a different part of the bay. We winterize our boat in a place that is south and west of where the boat is during the summer. It is a part of the bay that has a lot more crab boats and fishing boats.

You sometimes forget, as you wander past the bay bridge that in fact, the bay is still a working place. Maryland Blue Crab come from the Bay. The crabbers got out every morning and carefully separate the too small crabs from the crabs ready to be sent to dinner plates. Coated in Old Bay and served with corn on the cob on newsprint or newspaper, there is no finer evening spent than enjoying crab! Although as an adopted Marylander now, I have to say crab balls are my favorite!


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