Wander project my phone’s memory!

One of the things I started doing at the beginning of the 365-day photo challenge was sharing the last 10 or so pictures I had taken. Most of the pictures I’ve taken recently I have used in the challenge, but there are a couple I didn’t use. Variations on the theme I suppose! The pictures shared today to go from unboxing a 3d printer, to the snow that fell yesterday through last night. The good thing (but not good for those north of us) is that most of the snow didn’t fall here.

I started my family history project when my father passed away. In part because I knew he was leaving me his slides. I didn’t however, at that time know that my father was leaving me 20,000 slides. Pictures that frankly I hadn’t ever seen. Plus, there were another 4000 pictures stored on memory cards and another 15000 pictures. By pictures, I mean the old fashion printed on Kodak paper pictures. My kids scanned all of those.


The family history project (scanning) took nearly two full years. In the early days of that process, I started sharing the pictures as part of my blog. At the same time, of course, we were still adding pictures and continuing to expand our digital library. I also converted all of the films my grandfather left me into digital. Plus all the videos we had taken of the grandkids and my siblings we converted to digital as well. We have a lot of family memories to share!


Family Historian

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