Wander project Orlando FL

I am finishing up the Disney vacation pictures at Universal Studios our last day in Orlando. Yesterday we talked about the impact of Barney. As in our son, who was terrified of the Disney characters other than Captain Hook was dancing to see Barney and friends. The TV show that I think reinforced the reality of placating and thank you in our house. Adults can say a lot of things. Parents, often say even more cautionary things than adults, but when Barney says it, you best get on it!

We only spent one day in the Universal Studio’s park. We could have spent more, but by that point, we were well into exhaustion. Funny how a vacation can make you more tired than working. Sure there were a lot of moments of relaxation on that vacation. Going out for a night kid free on the cruise ship was fantastic. Hanging out on the beach for a day was relaxing. Riding in a horse and buggy through the Grand Bahama was a blast. But vacations are also long when you are lugging a twins stroller everywhere.

All pictures today are from Universal Studio’s theme park, Orlando Florida. Lot’s of fun things!!

I would never do five days in the Disney Parks, the cruise and then come back to do Universal Studios again. It was too much crammed into too little time!


family historian

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