Wander project Indiana

Ah the ocean, salty spray and waves lapping the shore. Oh, oops that isn’t the ocean there in front of the kids. That is Lake Michigan. Nestled at the top of the State of Indiana (and bordered on the other three sides by the state of Michigan and the State of Wisconsin) is Lake Michigan. The pictures are ones I’ve to share before of the wonderful Indiana Dunes State Park. Built right after the great depression, by the Civilian Conversation Corps (CCC). The CCC was a program started by the US government to find gainful employment for people. The Great Depression that began with the stock market fall in 1928 was devastating to the US Economy.

President Roosevelt, assuming taking office, started some projects to improve the nation and get people back to work. From that the bathhouse of the Indiana Dunes State Park. Plus some other buildings, trails and other useful infrastructure improvements to our nation. Over the years we lived in Indiana we often went to the park. The sand was clean and the drive not too horrible (it was roughly 3 hours from Greenwood IN).

It is funny, as it has happened now many times, be it lake or ocean the twins always say we are not getting in the water. Some 4, 6 hours later we have to drag them out of the water. They forget how much they love playing in the surf. I guess as anything time takes away some of the happy memories. They do the same thing now when we go to the ocean (we are not getting in the water). Time changes, they get older, but the smiles never fade!


Family Historian

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