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A month or so ago I posted pictures of when I traveled more. Today, again, pictures from 2009, the last time I went to Singapore. One of the emails I got from a long time friend, was simply “do you miss traveling.” I miss many of the wonderful people I used to hang out with and do things with. But I do not miss sleeping my way to an airport at 3:30 in the morning to board an airplane bound for anywhere but home.

I kept a packed suitcase in the house for most of the ten years I was on the road. The various chargers, cables, and things I needed away from home. I didn’t need them at home; I had better non-travel versions at home. But on the road they were critical, so they stayed, packed and ready to roll out the front door. Wistfully I might add, leaving my family and heading off into the inky darkness. Coming home late at night, exhausted but having to work the next day regardless.

Traveling takes a toll on you as a person and a parent. It is not something to enter into lightly nor something to leap into blindly. It is something to consider, evaluate and ultimately decide if you can or should as a family. I don’t miss those days of wandering the world. I much prefer to wander the world with my family. There is more to be seen of the world with them. That is the travel I look forward to, and frankly, I am happy to look back on the million-plus miles of business travel and the thousands of hours I donated from my life to a company.


once traveler now homebody

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