wander project march bdays

Those March gatherings were for four birthdays. (My nephew, the twins, and my dad). The cake lighting and candles required forced the fire marshal to stop by the house often (joke)! The other thing that you see later in the pictures today is the faces made by my nieces. My daughter started that, making faces as I took pictures and the other two started doing that as well. I have about five or six years of pictures that only face.

The joke, however, is now on them as part of the family history project I am sharing those. I suspect more embarrassing for them now than it was annoying for me then. Hah, sometimes you need to be careful of who and when you make a face. You never know when that person will share the picture!  I think overall I miss more the fact that the kids aren’t young anymore. Not that I am complaining I enjoy talking to the young adults that used to be kids.

It is just; those were simpler times. But like all things they change. You have to as a person forgive those who transgress against you. If you don’t the anger builds, and it has nowhere to go. Release what was and move forward. Remember the happy moments of your life. In the happy moments, remember those that gave to you. Remember those who stood by you. Let go of the anger and welcome everyone that helped you back to you. Happiness comes from understanding which helped you along your journey.


family historian

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