Wander project Annapolis..

A Sunday on the way to Sea.

First, you have to get out of the muddy back creek. Once you do that it is just a few more feet, watched of course by the Osprey’s, to more open water. Early in the spring, there are fewer boats on the part of the Bay near Annapolis Maryland.  That changes fairly quickly, the flotilla of tiny sailboats existing the US Naval Academy every Sunday, as Mid-shippeople practice the maritime craft of sailing, once a critical part of every Navy’s fleet, now more of an afterthought.

I have spoken before many times of the feeling of relaxation I get wandering around in a boat. Any boat, I enjoyed wandering the inner harbor of Baltimore earlier this year. It was a delightful and relaxing experience. I love being on the water. I suspect based on the pictures of me as a child; there may be a reason for that. Other than the traditional parent pictures from back in the day, there is also my Grandfather’s videos.

All the videos show me in, near or on the water. Sitting on the sandy beach with my mother, or out on the boat with my father or grandfather. Water, was a huge part of my early years, I suspect a huge part of my formation as a person. I am a water sign by birth, and a water baby by choice! Christopher Cross has a wonderful song from the 80’s called sailing in that song is one of my favorite lines. I feel my best “when I am out on the water,” now the singer wants to be alone, and I prefer having other people there, but the solace is the same!


family historian

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