Wander project Annapolis MD!

Last pictures of the bay from Sunday. I am cutting down the number of pictures I share each day to ~10 or so each time rather than the 20 plus I was sharing before. It effectively doubles the years required to share the existing family history project, but that isn’t relevant. The important thing is the sharing! Actually, for me, the important thing is what I write about the pictures. I am someone who loves to take pictures, but I do not doubt that I am not a good photographer.

(Link in the first paragraph takes you to all the pictures).

These pictures today are my last of the Earth Day 2018 collection. Out on the Bay. I read from time to time about the amount of plastic in the Ocean today. I do not throw things off our boat, and we are very careful with the environments we enter. It is something that worries me, however. There was a recent TV show focused on an “island” of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean. It was a work of fiction, but the concept is pretty scary overall.

I am taking my Earth Day 2018 challenge and pushing it to 2019 and beyond. When you go outside, pick up trash! Mother nature or mother Gaea is our partner, not our trash can! We are the stewards of tomorrow.

April showers bring wet ground and growing grass. Our mowing crew doesn’t like it when the grass grows (they also hate watching the snow fall on the driveway). I just realized they also hate seeing dishes in the sink. It may be the crew…


family historian

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