wander project is the family dinner evolving?

Today a wander, not of the pictures but by the pictures. Not a story of the event, but of the concept. The event was a meal with my mother in Annapolis Maryland a couple of years ago. The post today is about the concept of the family meal. When I was little, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. We would, every day around 530 PM settle down at the table for dinner. Often, Walter Cronkite (CBS News) was on in the background. But in the foreground a conversation about things that had happened that day.

The sharing of the day is something that is slowly fading away. The moments, the connection that was the family dinner seems so distant now. We still have family dinners, but not every night. Not the way it was when I was little. It is an evolution, and I do truly understand that. The world is more connected; less disconnection means less need for a specific legislated time of connection. We are connected all day every day now. Then, you would go off into the world and do your thing, returning with your harvest (or kill) from the day to share with the rest of the clan.

Now, people are a text away. That is a good thing, in that people are more connected now than before. It is a bad thing in that we don’t do that family dinner as often. But when we do, such as the pictures shown here, when we do they are magical. Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that something that isn’t expected can be magical. That what once was, the family dinner is no longer a requirement, but now a joy to be enjoyed! I do still miss the sound of “and that’s the way it was.” Walter Cronkite was a huge part of my childhood. So were those family dinners, but I like the ones we have now also!


Family historian

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