Wander project my recent pictures…

It is time again for the last 20 pictures, or so I have taken and shared as part of the 365 Day Photo Challenge. A couple of these pictures were meant to be shared on Virily but were not posted during the great posting issue. Some of the pictures have been shared, but it is always fun to wander the wander! It is funny when you look back at pictures and realize that you were thinking about something when you took the picture, sometimes, that something is lost forever.

I know, for example, since joining the photo challenge, sometimes I think I need a picture for today (or tomorrow if I am really on the ball). Of course, that is also replaced by the more desperate I need a picture now and taking something from my basement, office or from around the house. The first picture is of our boat, go bag. It spent the winter in the basement hiding under the basketball goal. Now, it is back on the boat. From there we have pictures of musical instruments that are in the Utility room currently. They used to be out in a different room, but we had a party, I put them away and haven’t gotten them back out.

From there we move outside to trees. I took some early and then a week or so later of the trees as they decided Spring was finally here. There are a couple of pictures of the cleaned wood of the boat; we still have to do the final treatment. Then, of course, wandering back to Doc’s Isle of misfit technology with a few technology items that I shared as part of the photo challenge! They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Sometimes I wonder if 1000 words are truly enough!


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Wander project Baltimore MD

One of the things we (my wife and I) love to do is go hang out on the boat. But our day in Baltimore was fun for land and sea! I took a couple of videos with the point and shot camera while we were in Baltimore, those are shared on my YouTube Channel along with my Yesterday’s Snarky Weather Forecast! I apologize for the audio quality of the video, we’ve had a delightful amount of wind since the beginning of March this year. The first wind storm blew our roof off. Well, it blew part of our roof off. The latest wind storm has managed to move a lot of our neighbor’s roofs as well.

We enjoyed watching the pirate ship as it wandered its way through the inner harbor of Baltimore. As far as I know, none of the famous Pirates of the 1700 and 1800’s ever marauded the waters near Baltimore. They, the pirates, tended towards the Spanish trade routes a little further south. Rumor is that some of them came north with their chests of gold, including the legend that is Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

(clicking on the picture will take you to the rest of the pictures)!

I managed, in 5 hours to take more than 300 digital pictures and three videos. I suspect I probably take too many pictures. Most likely 200 or so too many would be my guess. I share them, because of the family history project. I cannot tell you how sad I was when I found all the pictures my father had taken, that he felt weren’t good enough for anyone to see and never shared them with anyone. 100 pictures of the same thing, each has something unique to share. With that, the nearly last blast of pictures form Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!


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Wander project Baltimore

These pictures are from this past weekend, the Baltimore City of Lights festival. You can see the same places as some of the earlier pictures, but now you see them lit up! The skyline of the city looks amazing as we pulled into the dock. Baltimore is a city that is rebounding. One of the original ports of the colonies and later the fledgling country the United States Baltimore has struggled in the past few years.

Many of the buildings you see are a mix. Buildings that have been around for 100 years, and new buildings. That mix makes for a fun picture! Downtown Baltimore is also fun, as it leads right into the inner harbor. The inner harbor, or what was once the commercial harbor of Baltimore and was defended by Fort McKinney The inner harbor was the location for the festival and was where our cruise started out. We boarded at 7 pm. We were first in line to get on the boat!

That meant, being first in line to board, that we got the seats we wanted, right in the very front of the boat, with a clear view. The outer harbor remains an active port, with container and cargo ships coming in and out daily. Domino Sugar has a factory on the edge of the inner harbor right next to Under Armor. There is a trail that wanders the entire inner harbor and the festival was laid out on that path. My apologies as it got darker some of the pictures got a bit blurry!



Wander project the festival of lights!

Baltimore, the city of Edgar Allen Poe’s life during a lot of his early writing career, and the city of his tragic death hosts a Festival of Light and has for the past three years. The first night of the Festival was Saturday, April 14th, so we wandered over to Baltimore from Annapolis. Funny, even on a Saturday traffic delayed us on the way to Annapolis and on the way to Baltimore. The festival was set up in the area of Baltimore’s waterfront called the inner harbor.

We started our festival experience by wandering by a wonderful Irish Bar and Grill. We had a delightful repast of appetizers. We do that from time to time, go to a place and only order appetizers. I guess we can’t eat as much as we used to now.  We wandered around the festival area before it was officially open, although there were at least 3 or 4 thousand people already wandering with I guess the same idea (go early to miss the crowd).

The inner harbor area was decked out (it is a very large area I’ve shared pictures from one side in the past). We were next to the fort that was a Focus of America’s National Anthem. We didn’t go all the way to the place where Francis Scott Key wrote the song, but we did see the bridge (where the song was written was right below the bridge). We also go to see a wonderful sunset as we headed back into the Harbor. It was a wonderful evening experience!

Wander project Boating (Annapolis)

Sitting by the bay on a dock, except we were walking not sitting. We spent the early afternoon at the boat on Saturday. Relaxing and organizing for the summer. We didn’t take the boat out (ran out of time) because we were heading off to Baltimore. The wind was pretty stiff as well, which makes things not quite as much fun. Our marina rebuilt the fuel dock over the winter months and did a wonderful job. The new area is wonderful.

We decided to walk around the docks instead just to see the other boats that are in the same Marina. Plus it is fun just to see what other people do with their boats. Plus it is always fun to see the cool older boats. The older sailboats are always cool. I love the beautiful wood, and just the way sailboats look. I would love to have a sailboat, but I am not coordinated enough to do all the balancing required for managing a sailboat.

When I was younger, I used to try with sailboats all the time. I know that my skills aren’t up to the task. I spent more time righting the boat than I did sailing. It is a sad commentary on my overall coordination. I was good with a rowboat or a canoe. In fact, I could dump a canoe, right it and be back on course in a very short time. I dumped a sailboat, and it took me a ½ hour to get the boat back up. So probably sailboats are probably not in my future.


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Wander project Waycross camp!

There is a place in Southern Indiana that we went to often. It was a camp owned and run by the Episcopal Church of Indianapolis. The camp was called Waycross. I suspect over the course of ten years we went there at least 30 times. The camp has an interesting family history. My wife went to the camp when she was a young person and was a counselor at the camp as a young adult. The camp was one of her favorite places.

The history takes an interesting turn in that Waycross remains my daughter’s favorite place in Southern Indiana. She also went to the camp as a camper. She worked there as a counselor in training and as a counselor.  I guess the old like mother, like daughter saying holds true. We, as a family also went a couple of times to the camp for Church retreats. We got to wander the entire camp including walking around the lake and visiting the facilities.

We kept our boat near Waycross at that time as well. The last family members that went to Waycross were the twins. They spent a week at the camp when they were old enough. My wife and I got our first taste of what a big house is like when you have no kids in it. It is disturbing and lonely. When you’re used to the noise of children being all around you; not having the noise changes everything. Now, things are different as we don’t have the noise of kids in the house anymore.


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Wander project pictures taken by my father…

Today like any day is a journey. For the family history project, it is a stop, a reveal of images from yesterday. Today as is the rules of the project, I am sharing digital pictures taken by my father. These images are of events and things that I wasn’t involved in. By the time my father retired from the University, and my mother retired from work, we were living the life of chasing twins and my daughter. We had our lives that had become what we knew. There are so many pictures of events at my parent’s house, as our family got to together for many different events. But the day to day reality of growing families also created a need for those special events. We had lives that existed separately.

My parents loved to travel. I won’t pretend to guess where these images are from. Mom and dad traveled all over the world. We, my sister’s mother and I traveled with him when he moved to Thailand. We all lived in that wonderful country, and from that, I have memories I will never lose. But after Thailand, dad continued to travel. Mom went with him when she could, but there were many trips dad took that was just him. He had a chance, as an educator to help make the world a better place for young people and he took that chance. He spent time in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia helping design Science Education systems to benefit and help young people. He loved teachers – and he loved teaching.

As we wander some of mom and dad’s travels, some of the pictures that got me started taking pictures come from my father. There was a time when I couldn’t write about the impact of my father on my life without being sad for the entire day. Songs that came on the radio that reminded me of moments from my dad. I still have the moments when someone says something Dad used to say, or I hear songs of the period I remember him in. Talk of NASA, science or weather stuff reminds me of my father. As I said it used to make me sad, now I remember all the wonderful things my parents did for me, and try to do the same for my children!


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