Wander project inside my own head…

Traveling from here to there, I sometimes wonder. What was it like 200 years ago, when the only horse wasn’t the horses in the front pull or pushing your car, but the four-legged kinds of horses? Where 10 miles per hour was the maximum speed you could travel, and that only for a very short time. Or, where the wind pushed you across the ocean at 10, 11 knots, and then suddenly becalmed you sat still in the water for days. The wood ship creaking as the ocean pushed waves against it over and over. What was it like to travel then? I was very lucky in my career for a time to travel. To see the world first hand and experience the wonder. I got to see things that I had read about in books and then seeing the majesty in person, my jaw dropping taking it all in.

What was it like all those years ago? Back when the world was bigger than all of humankind’s understanding. Before the days of astronauts, sharing pictures snapped with cameras 24,000 miles above the earth. What was the world like then? My thoughts today wander far away from the pictures I am sharing. In part because the pounding of the roofers is gone. Not, mind you that I condemn their pounding, in fact, our roof was in sore need of pounding. From March of this year, the 4th to be exact to today, we lost 23 shingles that were blown off. We had 4 or 5 that flapped when winds came from the north, which they don’t do as often in summer as they do in winter and spring before the jet stream switches.

The lack of pounding above me, allows today to think. To clear my head and hear again.

The part of me that talks to Captain Lars talk to me sometimes is now back. The Labs and I no longer hiding in the basement of our house. Now free to again roam the wonderful reality of the pictures to be shared. To relax in the presence of Labradors, not hiding from noise in the office, but instead waiting for the day to begin. For dad to put away his keyboard and stop using technology and prepare for the walk. The day is afoot Watson, and now into the quiet, we must journey.

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