Wander project finding words and memories…

One of the things I talk about in my book on intergenerational knowledge transfer is the reality of information. Anything not shared, is sadly lost when we lose that person. Years ago we would lose the intricate knowledge of how a specific machine was built. Now, we run the risk of losing so much more. The reality of information is that there are those who built what the internet is and those who use it. If the two groups of people don’t meet and share the what and how of the building, it will be very rough for a couple of years. The other side of course, of sharing, is the images we take. I know there are many people who cull through their pictures only sharing the ones that are “best.”

I promise you, sharing all your pictures even the ones you think are bad is a good thing. My favorite pictures of all time came from the Apollo space mission, in particular, the grainy not so great pictures from Apollo 11. Your cell phone most likely has a better camera than the camera in the Apollo 11 spacecraft. We could argue the cost of that camera (Apollo 11) and the capabilities NASA was creating (along with the Russian Space program) most like drove the cell phone camera of today. But the reality is if they only shared the perfect pictures NASA wouldn’t have shared as many pictures as were shared. Sharing pictures including the bad ones is a good thing. There is no dishonor sharing bad pictures.

It is an honor to get the pictures in front of other people. Sometimes, someone else may see the beauty you missed. But what you did, what you were thinking is also now out. All of us live upon the earth for a short time. We bring our views, our ideas and our dreams to life. We, by we I mean the essence that is you, are what sees the pictures we take. We, again the essence that is you, capture moments, thoughts and dreams differently. In sharing the imperfection of our vision, we open doors for others to see who we are. Finding the pictures we take, as part of a whole, allows us to see that sharing all pictures is important. There are no bad pictures unless we don’t share them. The only bad pictures are the ones we never shared. The same is true of thoughts and dreams. Only the ones never shared, are lost forever.


what once was

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