Wander project Wisconsin Dells…

From time to time on my PC, the ”screen saver slide show” actually reminds me of pictures from the past that I had forgotten. I do that on purpose; it gives me something to look at during conference calls. There was a function in the original TG camera (it may still be in the current one we just haven’t used the feature yet) called line art. The kids, who had control of the camera during one vacation used the feature extensively. The resulting pictures were extremely interesting. There are many duplicates (pictures not done with the effect). I took most of the duplicates because I was afraid the line pictures wouldn’t turn out well. I was wrong they ended up being pretty cool.

The images are from the Dells. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin to be exact. We had gone there for my Uncle’s Birthday. For my father, it was returning to the place he was born. My dad didn’t talk much about his childhood with me. I know there were a few stories that he shared. He talked about the summer he wandered around the state park as Smokey the Bear. Or the fact that he was always in the woods. I remember him talking about the woods and forests around the Dells. Later he would talk about things such as being a speedboat captain on the Wisconsin River. The Wisconsin Dells is famous for the rock formations along the river, and there are tour boats and speedboats that will take you to see the various locations.

One year I was helping dad clean the garage, and we found a grocery store sign talking about in-home deliveries from a grocery store in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. My dad told me that was him, the in-home delivery part. I know as a young adult at the time, it was hard for me to imagine my father bagging groceries. By then I associated grocery stores with my grandfather (and my mother talking about working in her father’s store as a cashier after school). But dad also worked in a grocery store. Bagging groceries and then carrying them to the persons house. The Dells isn’t that big, well it wasn’t that big of a city when my father was younger. It had grown by the time of our later visit considerably. It is funny sometimes what we remember…


family historian

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