Wander project another day in the Pool!

Ah the pool, we finished the pool project (the 2nd time) in July 2000. The project ran longer than expected, but they always do. We had our first official party that summer. These pictures are from 4 years into the pool; things were very different by then. The first big change was the replacement of the cover. We had a pool cover that reduced the amount of stuff that got into the pool. It was an automated pool cover and the key and box to open the pool was actually up on the corner of our deck. That way someone could open the pool on the way down. We probably should have added a second key for the cover in the corner of the backyard by the back door. Oh well, hindsight is 20 20.

The other thing we did fairly early on was a move to salt water. Salt water is better for swimmers overall. First, most home pools have issues. The primary issue is far too much chlorine or too little chlorine. That is bad in either form. Too much chlorine and when you swim you eyes are read. IT also has an odor and isn’t good for you to spend a lot of time in. We had the same issue with the Hot tub on the side of the pool. Too much chlorine is a bad thing. I realized that the second year when I over-chlorinated the hot tub, and we ended up having well a large bleach-filled washing machine. My swim trunks ended up becoming a much lighter color than they were original.

Not enough chlorine is bad as well, more because you end up with Algae in the water. Blooms of green that discolor the water and also aren’t that much fun to swim in. If you are swimming in the dirty water, you might as well hop in the pond. Not, the pond at our house. That one was gross. Perhaps instead hop into the Chesapeake Bay, just not Back Creek. Water being dirty is a huge part of the overall process of why my wife don’t even dip her toes in the water of the Bay. Dirty pool water meant you had to react to the pool by shocking it. Not, by the way, telling it bad, shocking dad jokes. You had to buy gallon containers of chlorine to dump into the pool to kill the growth.

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