Wander project The Pool!

To finish up the story I started in my previous post about the pool we left Caroline behind and moved to Salt Water a couple of years after installing the pool. Salt water doesn’t have the issues of algae as badly and is much better for your skin and eyes when swimming. You simply dump in water softener salt at the beginning of the year. The overall cost of a salt water pool is significantly less than a regular pool. I would say we went from 200 or more dollars in chemicals per year to less than 75 dollars per year. Plus the machinery of the pool was preserved more, as was the liner and other components of the pool. It was a great change overall, and brought a lot of questions from visitors!

The pictures today are of the post swimming suit era for the Twins. They hadn’t been allowed in the pool the previous years without wearing their swimming suits. Mostly we had them because the swimming suits kept them safe. They couldn’t have their heads underwater, which when you have active twins, you worry about things like that. The suits also helped them have confidence. When you are swimming you need to have the confidence that you are ok. You don’t want to be overconfident, and you need to have the strength to support yourself. When the twins were younger, they didn’t have the strength always, but the suits kept them afloat when they were tired.

My wife is the person that found the suits. They were designed that the slide couldn’t slip through. They were rated Coast Guard type II (head above water). Plus they were easy to put on over their swimming suits. Normally we would dress them indoors and let them run wild. The twins ran wild than a lot. It was best to let them run. Over the years we also had some outdoor storage areas we used. They never lasted long. In the end, we bought a Rubbermaid container that we put out near the pool pump. That was the only system we ever used that lasted more than two years. In fact, it was the last pool area container we ever had to buy~!


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