Wander project Back Creek, again!

Coming back into Back Creek. Back to Back, I guess would be the pun. A few additional flowers on the way. We were heading to our favorite, ok my favorite my wife’s second favorite Annapolis restaurant. Her favorite is Grumps. My favorite is the Main Street Café and catering. I do like Grumps, I just like Main better. It isn’t a huge argument; we go to both of them at least once a month. There was a time when we lived in Indiana that the restaurants were different. Then every time we would consider going out on a Friday night for dinner the choices always seemed to boil down to El Rodeo (one of the Twin’s favorites) and Louie’s (my wife’s favorite). It got so I didn’t ask.

Greenwood had fewer restaurant choices, which made the selection smaller as well. Most of the ethnic restaurants near us in Greenwood weren’t that good. There was a wonderful restaurant called China House, that was the other twin’s favorite place. Normally when I would ask, back in the day the following would be the responses.

: Louie’s” my wife would say.

“China House” one twin would say.

“El Rodeo” the other twin would say.

“I don’t want Mexican” my daughter would say.

For the next 10 or so minutes there would be a raging battle. None of the four of them would budge an inch. I stood there often, laughing. I guess I shouldn’t have laughed, that did get me in trouble often. I was the swing vote since the other four wouldn’t budge. The thing about being the swing vote was that no matter what I picked, I was wrong. So I would let the battle rage for a time. I guess I hoped against all hope that eventually one of them would compromise. I probably should have known better. My family can be stubborn. Thank goodness I am never stubborn. Ok, in fairness I am stubborn as well, I would let the battle rage because it was entertaining but also because having made a choice a couple of times I knew I was going to be in trouble with somebody.

Now there are 120 different restaurants that we like. Makes a choice easier, and nobody gets mad anymore!


sometimes you just have to wonder…

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