Wander project Kirksville Indiana June 1991

The images are from my wife and our wadding. All of the pictures in the post have not been edited. You can see one of them, were two pictures originally. I will say that all of the pictures that needed to be rotated to be viewed were in fact rotate. But that was done early in the family history project. These are the most looked at pictures we have. It was a hot June day in 1991. I have so many memories of that day. The first is that both my mother’s parents were in the audience. The second is during the ceremony when the minister who gives these people away, in marriage (we changed the traditional ceremony a little) my father and my wife’s father leaping to their feet shouting we do. My father, having already told my wife before the ceremony, no deposit? No return!

We got married on my parent’s farm. My wife’s parents and my parents kicked in so much and helped us get started in life that day. I cannot thank all of them enough. The reason I am wandering down a long-ago path is that my baby sister and mother came to stay with us over the weekend. It brought memories of the day and the ensuing world that has from that. There are so many moments to remember. Let’s wander a few of the moments. You see the picture of the groomsmen and ring bearer waiting on my parent’s front deck. When the bridesmaid and bride arrived, they brought with them a bee. That bee buzzed my wife, the minister and me during the rest of the ceremony.  At the end of the line of Groomsmen, is the ring bearer. One of my students from the past, a great kid!

Other than watching the bee the ceremony was a blur. I wrote our vows. The one change from the vows as originally written was my wife did make me take the word Obey out of her vows. “That,” she informed me “isn’t going to happen.” It hasn’t, but honestly, it was in the original text to get a rise out of her. It worked! We had the reception at my parent’s farm as well my now in-laws renting a tent that was placed in the front yard area. The reception was a great event. My favorite moment is captured in one of the last pictures. My mother had made my wife’s dress. I was told that I could not, would not and should not do the traditional smashing of cake on her face. We wouldn’t, my then future wife said: “want to get this wonderful dress your mother made dirty would we?” Then she crammed cake and got it all over my suit. Doesn’t seem fair when you look at it that way! It was nice having my sister and mother visit. It is always nice to hang out with people that just like you for who you are!


family historian

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