Wander project family, Annapolis and boating

I cannot tell you how much fun it is to hang out with my best friend on the boat. Dylan, my best dog friend, isn’t a huge fan of the boat. But my wife is. We wander to Annapolis and then grab lunch. Sometimes it is as simple as a wrap and fruit from the Giant. Giant is a food retailer that has a location at the starting point of the road the marina is on. There is also a Starbucks and a bank there, plus several restaurants. We’ve tried the restaurants and preferred the wraps from Giant. Sometimes, on those guilty Sunday’s we also get a bag of chips. Not the kind that we shouldn’t, we do at least head to the healthy chip area of the store. But we do on occasion have chips instead of fruit.


The fun thing is we can relax. The boat is our activity. We’ve added tandem biking as another activity to do together. Over time that is the nature of relationships. Either there are activities you have, or you slowly drift apart. The touch base of doing something with the person determines the nature of the friendship, marriage or other relationships. From our marriage, my best man is still around. He and his wife came out this year to visit us in June. We don’t see each other as often as we used to, since once upon a time we lived in the same apartment. But we still have that friendship that has now lasted more than 30 years. If only he weren’t a Laker’s fan the world would be perfect.

Time is the passage of life. In that passage, we find the things that are important to us, and we continue to build on those (hopefully). Friendships are not destinations they are paths. My friend, who many years ago was my best man (twice actually) remains to this day, my dear friend. He is the person that introduced me to my wife. My wife, in turn, is the person who introduced him to his wife. Our paths, as friends, were once very similar. We were both teachers at a school. Neither of us is a teacher now. He owns his own business and works for himself. I moved off to the world of computer consulting. But the friendship and common bond remains. As it does with my boating pal, and now biking pal, my wife!


family historian

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