Wander project dry pictures, because I was sick of rain.

My two weather stations have recorded 7.3 inches of rain in the past week. That, by the way, is nearly four times the amount of rain we get in July in the DC area for the entire month. Not any five days, the entire month on average is roughly 1.5 to 2.0 inches of rain. We are at nearly eight now. But climate change is a myth propagated by the Fake new media (yup). PS, if you believe climate change is a myth, please send me a message, I have some land right on the shore I would like to sell you at a really good price. Please note, once the ocean covers said land it becomes part of the territorial waters of the US and is no longer private property). It has rained every single day in the past week.

Funny thing, Our boat is in Annapolis on a creek/river known as Back Creek. In the past, we had to be very careful getting on the boat at low tide. It could be a two or three-foot step-down. In the past two weeks, it has been the same low tide as high tide, no step down required!

During the winter months when it was cold and miserable, I started my wander to warm project. Today when it is hot, humid and wet I am starting my new wander to dry project. I am sharing pictures of us in a nice dry Mexican location, choosing to get into the water and get wet. Not walking outside to my car to get to work and getting wet.

The rain also does two things. First, it makes Labs wet, and wet labs share water with everyone. Raven almost seems to wait until you are standing right by her, and then shakes off all the water. As a lab, she is water resistant, but someone manages to carry 1000 pounds of water (kidding!) with her. That water is then transferred to whoever is dumb enough not to move away from here. IE, none of us know she is going to do this, so all of us get soaked. Anyway, no rain while we were in Mexico for our vacation a few years ago. Just dry blue skies. Lots of sunshine. Look, if it is going to be rainy at least drop the humidity (I know there are certain rules of the water, it isn’t possible). I am in search of dry!


Family Historian – and now dry!

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