Wandering images of the basement

Today we wander the basement of our house. In particular today we are focused on my office and the 3d printer as it is being assembled (Snapmaker). Snapmaker is the first metal assembly 3d printer, as well as laser engraver and a laser cutter that doesn’t cost well over 1000 dollars US. In fact price wise it is much more affordable. Interesting traveling factoid. We bought our house in Germantown MD, in 2013. Dylan continued our streak of every dog we had owned to that point, has moved to a new house.

Dylan approved of the new house. We had an invisible dog fence for a year, but it had too many glitches and issues. We ended up putting a fence around the backyard of the hoes, and a dog door in the basement so that the dogs would have free reign. It has made it a lot easier on us (we don’t have to take them out) and on them (they don’t have to be to go outside.) We still have the invisible fence installed; it is no longer turned on. The next owner of the house (someday) may want that.

The last picture is of my continuing struggle with Labs. There is a long time massage chair in my office. It was meant for me, back pain relief. It works very well for that purpose. It has become the prized Lab destination. Every morning Raven and Dylan race downstairs during my blogging time. The first one down in the morning is the first one in my chair. When I want to sit in my chair, they glare at me. Glare the way, from the chair not from the ground.


family historian

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