Wander project continues–where will it stop this time?

A few pictures of New Jersey from my walk. Not much to see (move along, nothing to see here). It was cool to find the helipad while walking around. I’ve landed on one in the past, but for some reason yesterday it just fascinated me. I think for the most part it was because of the sign with the rules for two factor locking when leaving your helicopter unattended. That made me smile, and of course, I came up with a bunch of the rules.

Pilots: Do not ever land your helicopter on people.

Pilots: If possible land on the helipad and not the helipond. Helicopters tend to sink in the helipiond.

Pilots: Helicopters should not land nose first. Passengers have been injured in nose first landings.

Ok, I know, I went overboard. I am going overboard with the title as well. I like this new how long can you make a title so, I am going for a new longest title this morning. Sarcasm aside, it was a nice walk, and I was happy to capture a few pictures. I did try to take some pictures that included water. I love the way the sun glints on water. I think that is my favorite thing in the world to see. The glint of sun on water.

I also tried to capture some of the bird nests that were human-made, but well not so good on those!.

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