Wander project more of us and images of Oz

The straight to digital, never touching paper pictures are always straight. I wanted to post a few because as I delve deeper into the reality of old pictures scanned, the number of pictures that are caty whompus increases radically. In part because the scanners were frustrated, having to scan pictures day after day after day. The rule is I share them, as is, as scanned. If I want to use them for something else, I fix the angle and presentation. But I don’t do anything else to the images. Share everything you take. Eventually, something will stick! I call it the family history project spaghetti method. Throw up enough pictures, and someone will find something, of value.

Today’s pictures come from a business trip taken by me now more than ten years ago. I would say that the trip was amazing, it was. But it was a long time ago as well. I took a lot (more than 200 in fact) pictures of the Sydney Opera house for my father. Dad had worked for Macquarie University in Sydney for a summer. During that time he took a lot of pictures of the Sydney Opera house. Well, a lot of pictures for the days of film cameras. I think I have 15 slides or so my father took of the Opera house from various angles. It is truly a beautiful building, and 20 years later when I was in Sydney, it was still beautiful. I wandered around the city and saw the Opera house from some angles.

The gardens that are on the hill above the Opera house are also amazing. Walking around the entire Opera house, seeing all the shops and restaurants, and walking through the Park behind, is roughly 2 miles. Part of a very long day of walking we undertook while in Sydney. You can uBer, or Cab and see the world but there is something special about walking around the city. Anyway, the digital pictures of that trip, are all mostly decent pictures but none are sideways or upside down. Scanning 55,000 slides, pictures, and album pages result in a lot of things scanned without regard for composition. There was no scan with intent to share by the scanners. The intent to share was by me!


Wandering the images of yesterday

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