Wander project Snow…(of the past)…

The concept of the snow falling, sometimes it falls so fast that it piles up. In 2007 we had a blizzard in Greenwood IN. Blizzards are combinations of cold (well below 20 degrees) wind and snow. The whiteout conditions are when the snow is blowing so much that you really can’t see more than 10 feet in front of you. Then the storm passes day returns, and it is cold. The rising sun in the pictures was post-storm. The actual storm started the night before and stretched throughout the night. We awoke to the view of a world blanketed in white snow. Pristine until Gwen and Fran got outside. Then the snow had dog footprints all over. Fran would tromp the snow, Gwen always walked lightly, she hated the melting snow on her feet!

Fran, on the other hand, loved pushing through the snow. She would sit in the backyard with her girl and play in the snow for hours (Gwen would go back indoors). Fran loved her girl. She also was a second mother, believing herself to be in charge of the girl. It made for some funny videos during obedience training. I was never quite sure who was training who back then. Based on the pictures I think Francine was training my daughter.  Fran would also watch her girl in the pool, but the pool was closed for the season when the snow was in the air or on the ground. We had a heater, but heating pool water just to freeze in the air to get to the pool wasn’t my idea of fun.

We did use the hot tub on occasion when it was freezing. The same concept didn’t apply as much to the Hot tub. There is something magical about being in a hot tub as the snow falls around you. No, our Hot Tub is not a time machine. For the moment of these pictures, the snow is pristine. It covers the ground perfectly with no dog footprints. Those would come, the two using the dog door on the back porch (although not for this particular storm, we didn’t get the dog door on the back porch for another year or so). They always say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks, but both Fran and Gwen were adult dogs when we got the dog door, and they both learned how to use it in a matter of hours. I guess dogs love the freedom of coming and going as they will!


picture shareererer if that is a word!

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