wander project what dad saw dreaded #13

Pictures and images don’t suffer from Triskaidekaphobia! (originally published as the 13th in the what my father saw series)

Yesterday I shared from my father’s Indiana 14 folder. There are only three Indiana folders, Indiana scenic 4, Indiana 14 and Indiana 13. Interesting because today we are seeing Scenic 1. There are some folders called Scenic. These pictures are, by my guess of Wisconsin. My grandfather and father were both taught by my aunt as far as pictures. My grandfather started with a year system and never varied from that. That said, he only took pictures for the last 14 years of his life, so there wasn’t time to develop a new system. My father had at least three different systems over the years. A few folders were by year, a few by specific location and a few titles that made sense to him.

These, the scenic pictures, show the countryside of what was Wisconsin of the late 1950s, or the early 1960’s. The funny thing is that it is farm country. The changes, of course, are subtle to the landscape but huge to the equipment. The last time I drove through that part of the world (Wisconsin Dells) was in 2011. It has been some years now, but the last time I drove through that farm country, it looked like the first time I drove through. I probably was driven through the first time, and I don’t remember that trip. The first time I remember being in the Dells was the infamous non-napping fudge recollection which was probably when I was five years old.

There are pictures of me, younger than that in the Dells. I also remember a bird on my shoulder in my grandparent’s house in the Dells. Its fuzzy memory though and not attached to a specific person or moment. Fuzzy memories are harder because they aren’t aligned. As we get older, I suspect we align memories differently. Hence my father changing his system several times. My grandfather was older when he started taking pictures. My father was still young and beginning his life. My grandfather studied the Wisconsin river, my father loved the scenery of that river as well. They took pictures of the people in their lives, but to both of them, it was the things that they saw in nature that drove them to point the camera!


thanks dad…

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