Wander project what dad saw 15

Upside down and katywhompass are the modes of today’s pictures. The lawyers told me for the twins in my life (the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and the newest partner Howe) that in fact, forcing twins to scan pictures that they have no connection to is considered unacceptable in 23 countries. Luckily I did find a clause in the Twins contract that pointed out their genetic connection to me, also applies to their grandfather and great-grandfather. That has caused considerable consternation for the twins. They had hoped that they were not related to me (kidding). The word Katywhompass comes from the Jabberwocky series of poems from Alice in Wonderland.

I had an interesting discussion with a couple of folks online about the importance of the images that you didn’t take. I am happy to edit, change and modify any picture that I have taken. I have, using Shutterfly put pictures by me on mugs, coffee cups, beer mugs, and travel containers, but those are images that I took. The ones my dad took are ones I don’t touch. I leave them as they are. I understand that it can be disconcerting at times. The images at times are upside down. If you view Virily on your phone, flip the phone, and if you are faster than the accelerometer of your smartphone, you will see the image right side up. I won’t edit my father’s pictures other than the scanning.

With that, a lot of upside pictures today from the folder scenic 4. All of these are from Wisconsin. The metadata (date, GPS tags, etc.) don’t get scanned with a physical picture or slide. Other than on the corner of the slide itself (the cardboard corner) there isn’t a place that they would include the date. The slide or the picture had, on the outside edge a date. The slide scanner doesn’t get the edge, only the slide. When you scan pictures, you get the edge, so the date is preserved. Sadly in the analog film days, the concept of a GPS tag wasn’t available. So the picture is presented without metadata. It is also presented as scanned, and per my new agreement with the Twins lawyers, I’ve shared their disclaimer!


family sidewise picture sharer

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