Wander project Annapolis MD at night!

Pictures are Annapolis at Night. I shared these awhile ago. As we wander through March and spring appears or doesn’t really appear I am going to resume my wander to warm posts.

One of the things that we do every day is walking the dogs. On those days when I head down to Virginia, we walk a little less. On the days I work from home we walk a little earlier because I don’t have to commute. Well, I still have a commute, but at this point, I still have to navigate the stairs. When I work from home, the Labs either sit in the chair in my office or lie in the front part of the office. I suspect when you consider the fact that the Labs let me live in their house, it is ok that I share the office.

Or is it the Labs sharing the office with me?

It is funny overall when you consider the Labs in charge. Funny because it is true. When I work at home Dylan starts coming down to my office at 4 pm to get me ready for the walk (which, doesn’t come until the end of the workday at 5, but Dylan wants to be in the process early every day). On the weekends we tend to go for a walk around 3 pm. I guess Dylan has decided that is the optimal time to go. So when 3 pm passes during the week, he gets a little anxious and starts well, letting me know that.

One of the things that I really enjoyed (returning to the pictures) about wandering Annapolis at night was the LED lighting some of the boats had underwater. Some of the boats in the inner harbor don’t ever leave the dock. People go, sit and drink or converse. It isn’t fair to say they only sit there and drink. They may do many other things. I do wonder how many of the boats have owners that live on the boat also.  Boats are interesting when you consider the many options people add. LED lights in the water lighting up your boat are one that my wife and I have never considered. Its fun to look at as you walk by, but I don’t know that we would ever do that.


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