Wander Project Europe…

One of the business trips I took was Paris, Brussels, Prague ending up in Istanbul. I would argue that it was the hardest (nearly three weeks) trip, but also the most different (4 countries in 15 days). The pictures today are of Brussels. You can see that I was not a good photographer. I did learn to take more than one image when I tried to capture something because of shake and other issues. I am not the photographer my father was. Paris was a series of customer meetings. Followed by a long lunch, and then more customer meetings. It was interesting because the French only works 7 hours a day. The US team that I was traveling with did 7 hours with the French team, and then, we worked another 4 hours before going out to dinner.

Brussels was a smaller US team, but we still had some customer visits. I organized the customer meetings, and it was interesting. We did end up arriving in Paris on a Monday, meetings on Tuesday – Thursday traveling to Brussels on Thursday PM. We had customer meetings on Friday, and then the team split up. One of us headed back to the US Saturday mid-day. The rest of us did a site seeing a trip on Saturday and Sunday in Brussels. Then we split up, with only me heading off to Prague. But the pictures today are from that weekend wander in Brussels. The first part of the trip all of us walked around the city, having a chance to see Brussels and some of the older buildings.

Prague was fun for me; I got to visit the Castle. I’ve shared pictures of the hotel I stayed in in the past. One of the coolest things for me about Prague was getting to wander past Kafka’s. The bar where Kafka did a lot of his writing. I had the chance to visit the Pub where James Joyce often stopped (and had a pint or two) when writing two of my all-time favorite books (Dubliners and Ulysses). Kafka and his Metamorphosis was another writer I admired. Seeing the café was fun, and of course, I did have a beer in his honor. Over the years I have been inspired by many writers. James Joyce was the first writer I spent a lot of time studying. I have read everything I have ever found by Joyce.

Back to the wander project, enjoy the pictures of Brussels!


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