Wander project ideas and dogs…

Saturday often starts a little later, and the pressure to get on the road is removed. That gives me time to pause and catch up on comments and thinking. I know as a person that I seek rules and order. It is a part of me because I live in a world of rules. I began my professional career as a school teacher. Rules are very important when you are a school teacher. Rules matter to me. I do, from my days as a teacher, miss my room full of chalkboards. Whiteboards are nice but the same. I still, however, do my best thinking on a whiteboard. There is magic in standing and drawing. I am not, an artist, but I try to create what my mind eye sees. That creation is what I put on the whiteboard. I still miss the feel of chalk.

Although I still have a chalkboard in the kitchen. We use it to write down things we will need when the shopping crew heads out. We also have an electronic whiteboard on the refrigerator, but that is normally reserved for short term notes (don’t forget to call …) I have whiteboards all over the basement as well, one really large one the size of one of those old classroom chalkboards and four others. Two are from my favorite company Rocketbook! Two are painted on the wall using the Ideapaint system.  I love to stand there and visualize what is in my head. It allows me for a moment to separate from what and where to get to what and how and even beyond.

It got me thinking about creativity. How do you move from in your head (idea) to share with others? I posted that question on MyLot today, feel free to hop and comment! I know for me I often create a whiteboard, take a picture and intentionally erase what is on the board. I then go to work, or got on a walk and forgot the whiteboard drawing. Sometimes I come back to the picture and go from there. Sometimes I literally recreate a new  version of the original drawing. It feels like each time I evolve that idea. How do you create the connection? I know growing up around chalkboards (my dad had two we used to use in his office) I think virtually. How do ideas spring to life for you?


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