wander project Cincinnati

I started doing classroom presentations of technology when we lived in Cincinnati. These pictures are of my first classroom presentation of Barney. Barney was a connected computer system that allowed for the integration of the computer, the Barney doll, and a child. It is the later technology that was pushed another step forward and released as Jibo before that company went out of business. Barney was the beginning of my techno classroom presentation. The presentation I do now has a lot more flash than the one I did back in the day. But the abilities of the computer I use has also improved significantly allowing me to do a whole lot more!

The rest of the pictures are of Cincinnati and Kings Island. KI was featured in the television show “The Brady Bunch” many years ago. Not, that being in the Brady Bunch made the park, rather than the park was so cool. Also, that at the time the studio that owned the Brady Bunch also owned Kings Island (Paramount). Over the course of the years we were in Cincinnati we went to KI many times. My personal favorite was wrapping up our tiny little newborn baby and going to the Christmas lights festival at the park. I held my daughter on my lap. She was very small, and it was the greatest moment for me. I am proud of the person she has become, but there is a magical connection to the person she was as well.

I love the stroller picture of one of the twins looking back. There is a later picture that shows the other twin looking the other way, making the same face. They both, identical twins. It made that face. Perhaps we could attribute the face to gas. Or simply not liking being stuck in their stroller. With a single child, it becomes easy to follow an catch them. Twins run in opposite directions, so you have to be fast. Grab the first one, and corral the second one quickly. It was a public learning experience taking the twins out. We got to be a well-oiled machine when it came to traveling, being out in the world and the reality of dealing with twins. It took a year, but we got there!


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