Wander project Dad’s pictures!

I am only doing dad’s pictures on the weekends for a while. There are so many pictures and so many places both mom and dad went that I will probably never get to the end of his pictures. Many of those pictures were taken and never shared. Some, I suspect he showed to my mother. Some of the older slides he showed all of us, we would do Sunday evening slide shows or sometimes during dinner parties dad would break out his Kodak projector and show images against the wall. We didn’t have a screen for a long time. Just shared the image on the wall of our living room in Sherwood Oaks. Or on the wall of the sunken living room in Sycamore Knolls. It was always in the living room that I remember!

These pictures are from South America. You can tell from the Llama or Alpaca in the last pictures. Dad was fascinated by the animal. He took several pictures as the Alpaca danced around.  It’s funny; my parents loved to travel. I remember in the late 1960s when we got a rolling camper. Sometimes called a pop top camper. You would park the camera, and then take the top off. The top had a flexible structure that allowed it to support the weight of the waterproof sides. We drop in the old Mercury Station wagon with that camper in tow, all the way through Indiana and thru Michigan to Lake Michigan on a camping trip. I remember the trip well.

The camper had two sides, basically two double beds. In the middle were a camp stove and a small refrigerator. Paradise Michigan was the destination. We spent a lot of time in Michigan. Mom and dad were there for a couple of years in East Lansing. My mother’s family a moved west from an area just south of Detroit Michigan. I just remember swimming and running around the sandy beach. The water was cold, but back then cold water didn’t bother me.  Sleeping in the cool night air of Michigan was nice as well. Northern Michigan was in the summer months just like Indiana, but 10, 12 degrees cooler. That meant by 9 pm the air was cooler and you could easily sleep!


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